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In today’s highly competitive environment, consistent and creative marketing can be a huge challenge. Companies are looking for a partner who has multi-channel capabilities and target marketing services to reach their clients in new and exciting ways. Blast Companies can deliver personalized messages across various mediums, helping our clients dramatically increase brand awareness, profitability and productivity. By providing the most robust set of broadcast applications in the industry, we offer clients, ad agencies and partners the following broadcast messaging applications:

By understanding your needs and matching them with the appropriate broadcast technology, we can make a dramatic impact at your company. Please browse our website and contact us so we can help take your business or next promotion to another level.

Dial an 800 number and record a personalized message, upload a list of phone numbers and send out thousands of calls in a matter of minutes. It’s just that simple to speak to your audience with Blast Companies voice broadcasting software. It has never been easier to boost response rates to a direct mailing, send customer reminders, or invite people to upcoming events. These are just some of the ways in which Blast Companies voice broadcast service can build your customer base, increase sales and improve your bottom line.

Some examples of our voice broadcasting services include automated subscription renewals, automated payment reminders, disaster notifications and recovery, appointment reminders, fraud alerts and to announce new products & promotions. And these are just some of the possible applications of our flexible and reliable voice broadcasting application.With Blast Companies’ voice broadcasting services, there’s no hardware or software to buy. Everything is done through our website! All you need is internet access and a phone and you’re ready to launch your personalized voice broadcast!

In addition, you’ll not only receive the support of a dedicated Blast Companies account representative, but also our assistance with your voice marketing efforts. We’ll help identify where voice broadcasting services would best serve your organization and how to best speak to your audience.

Ever wish you could create a standardized outbound message and send it out to hundreds or even thousands of users at once? Do you need the ability to tie the outbound calls into your client account database so that each customer called receives personalized information and prompts based upon their individual account? Has your team discussed automating processes and reducing costs? We can help!

Our IVR (Integrated Voice Response) solutions allows companies to create sophisticated and personalized messages which interact with callers. By automating processes, clients have seen a dramatic increase in productivity and profitability. Our proven strategic process has yielded creative and focused solutions that support our clients’ business directions. Listed below are some of the ways in which Blast Companies’ clients are using Interactive Voice Response:

Please contact us to discuss how a personalized outbound IVR can help automate your business and provide a significant return on investment for your business.

Are you an advertising agency or corporate marketing organization looking for a mobile marketing partner with creative strategies, robust cell phone marketing applications and the ability to execute your mobile marketing campaigns? Are you ready to embrace mobile marketing as a means of brand interaction?

Blast Companies provides our clients with cost effective SMS text messaging applications which produce measurable results. Through the creative use of mobile messaging, enhancements can be made in sales acquisition, brand recognition and customer loyalty by generating timely, relevant and targeted mobile content to users.

Some examples of Blast Companies’ SMS text messaging services include:

Do you wonder what it would be like to have one mobile messaging application which could combine all of the benefits of a mobile community such as games, promotions, and videos on one platform? Ever wish you could have an application which would be able to be provide social networking capabilities to interact with both on-line and on-premise branding opportunities?

Blast Companies Social Messaging is a comprehensive, web-based, interactive messaging application that combines several proprietary mobile messaging technologies and strategies that enable our clients to deliver real time interactivity to any on-premise event. This powerful social messaging application integrates the power of the internet and mobiles phones to harness new and exciting marketing opportunities for our clients and their brands. Mobile consumers finally truly have opt-in mobile marketing since they now have the chance to interact with your brand regularly.

Blast Companies not only handles the strategy but all the on-site execution, maintenance, technology integration with interactive partners and all related logistics to make this application a success.

Please contact us so we provide you with a customized demonstration and better understand your how Blast Companies Social Messaging application can make impact on your next broadcast marketing promotion.

Ever wish you could use GPS technology to locate your loyal customers and provide them with location-based incentives? Would it help your business to be able to provide opt-in alerts based on the location of the phone? With the advent of GPS chips coming soon to most mobile handsets, Blast Companies is ready to assist your brand with GPS broadcast marketing and messaging.

Blast Companies’ GPS messaging application enables our clients to send specialized messages to mobile users based on their location and proximity to client establishments. Through GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology, when consumers enter a defined area (Geofence) they receive location-based marketing messages on their mobile phone. The application provides the ability to create just-in-time marketing messages based on mobile users preferences and current promotions.

How is Blast Companies GPS messaging used?

  • Movie alerts at nearby theaters
  • Location-based mobile alerts
  • Mobile maintenance work orders & job status
  • Destination wait status (restaurants, theme parks)
  • Weather and Disaster Location based alerts

Don’t make your customers and prospects work to find your locations and current incentives. Give them the ease of using GPS technology to drive traffic and redeem on-demand coupons based on your inventories and sales volumes!

With Blast Companies, you can dynamically generate and launch targeted, personalized e-mail marketing campaigns right from your desktop. Our web based services help organizations of any size create, send and monitor e-mail campaigns to targeted customer segments. Our robust email marketing campaign solutions have the ability to expand and grow, providing an incredible return on investment for our clients.

Blast Companies’ user-friendly, web-based interface and HTML Email wizards allow your organization to send bulk e-mails quickly and cost effectively. After you launch your email campaign, you can track the effectiveness by viewing real time reports on who opened the email, how many click-throughs to your web site the email campaign produced and who clicked on the links.

With our solution there’s no technical or design expertise required to change images, add personalization, build dynamic content, create links or format the look and feel of your email marketing campaign. And with our sophisticated reporting and tracking, clients can view who opened their email, clicked on established links and purchased products, allowing companies to expand and improve future results.