Automotive marketing companies and dealerships can benefit from our messaging solutions by automating contact with their customer base. Blast Companies broadcast messaging applications and marketing services enable automotive marketing companies a way to create and send personalized voice broadcast, e-mail, IVR or SMS Text messages, simultaneously, to hundreds or thousands of recipients. These services can be used as a stand alone campaign or in conjunction with other efforts, such as direct mail or live agent follow up.

Just a few automotive applications for consideration:

Scheduled Service Reminders
Most dealers will mail customers notices when their vehicle is due for a major mileage-based service appointment, for example 10,000 mile new car check up, tire rotations, front end alignment, critical fluid and filter replacements (transmission/differential). Given today’s busy lifestyle, these mailed reminders can be overlooked due to mailbox clutter with even the most loyal customers. Overlaying mailing of such notices with a friendly recorded personalized voice broadcast will spur your customers to take action faster. Not only will more customers take action, but the response will be more immediate, as opposed to a mail-only approach. So for greater sales, use the mail-call approach!

Ad Tracking
Dealerships and automotive agencies use a broad media strategy to attract customers often involving print, radio, TV and outdoor formats. Which media works best? What days generate more calls? What message produced the greatest response? How well are the calls being answered? Questions like these can be answered using the Blast Companies inbound IVR Services, which provides a unique toll free number to be used in dealer ads and spots. When prospective customers call these numbers, the IVR captures the date and time of the call, along with the calling phone number. This information is then summarized and provided back to the dealer in timely, easy-to-read reports, that correspond to the media or campaign in which the numbers appeared.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Many dealers and automotive agencies survey customers using live agents after a new car purchase or major service appointment. Often times these surveys are based on simple yes/no or scaled response answers. This type of survey can be easily automated and can be offered to customers as part of a voice broadcast, outbound IVR or e-mail marketing campaign. Customers who receive an automated call are invited to participate in the survey. Their touch-tone response answers are captured and summarized in report or raw data format for dealer evaluation. Customers can even make verbal statements about their service, which can be recorded and presented to the dealer in .wav format or transcribed and presented in text format.

Extended Warranty Sales
Use Blast Companies voice broadcasting to send a recorded phone message to customers whose warranty is about to expire. The message can be sent as a standalone campaign or as an overlay to a direct mail effort. Consumers receive so much junk mail that it is difficult for dealer offers to cut through the clutter. A timely phone-delivered message will gain customer’s attention to looming warranty expiration. The message can offer information on extended warranty options and all the customer to request additional information and/or transfer to a live agent for further help.

This is only a small fraction of the automotive marketing and messaging applications Blast Companies can provide your automotive company or agency. Please contact us so together we can identify automotive solutions that bring value to your clients.

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