If you’re looking for an integrated marketing strategy that can have a dramatic impact on your business and build brand loyalty with your customers, Blast Companies can provide the messaging solution you need. We focus on providing advanced messaging applications to automate and solve client’s issues.

Voice Broadcasting Services

voice-broadcastOur web-based Voice Broadcasting Solution allows clients to simultaneously send a personalized voice message to hundreds or thousands of recipients fast. Blast Companies Voice Broadcasting combines the personal qualities of the human voice with our interactive voice response capabilities to create a highly productive tool.


E-Mail Marketing

Email MarketingUnlike other bulk email marketing firms, our web based e-mail marketing software is easy to use and helps organizations of any size create, send and monitor e-mail campaigns to targeted customer segments. Our user-friendly e-mail marketing platform allows our clients to send e-mails quickly and cost effectively.


Text Messaging

textingOur SMS Text Messaging & Mobile Marketing Applications are gaining significant momentum as companies strive to build brand loyalty with users and automate their text marketing campaigns through an easy to use web-based interface.


GPS Enabled Target Marketing

gpsBlast Companies’ GPS Enabled Target Marketing Application enables our clients to send specialized text messages to mobile users based on their location and proximity to client establishments, through GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology.


Social Messaging

socialWant to turn your mobile phone into a remote control? By combining IVR and text messaging technologies with internet enabled screens, we can create games and interactions which cause a lot of buzz about your brand and event.


IVR Services – Outbound

ivr-oWe can integrate our clients’ database (account numbers) and create customer-specific outbound calls which personalize the informational. By automating processes using IVR, our clients have seen a dramatic increase in productivity and profitability.


IVR Services – Inbound

ivr-iOur expertly-designed Inbound IVR (interactive voice response) system enables callers to dial an 800 number and interact directly with information stored in a database, through either touchtone or voice activated prompts, saving time and increasing efficiencies in call center applications.


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