Blast Companies was founded in 2004, to fill a unique need in the marketplace. Blast Companies in offers emerging communication applications and marketing services in voice broadcasting, e-mail marketing, interactive voice response, text messaging, GPS messaging and social messaging. Whether utilizing a current database of customers, or developing a new one, we provide our clients with everything they need to keep in better contact with their customers.

Even though our technologies are very powerful, the real strength of Blast Companies is our talented people. With over 100 years experience in technology and marketing, Blast Companies has worked with some of the most successful businesses, in the world, to solve their communications needs. We’re dedicated to collaborating with our customers to deliver value, by utilizing our broadcast messaging applications and marketing services to dramatically impact how they communicate with their clients.

What We Do

Blast Companies offers a broad range of communication technologies that empower corporations and interactive agencies to increase productivity, profitability, and brand awareness. We enhance our client’s existing marketing and communications solutions by offering, not just the technology, but also the marketing strategy, design and execution to make their marketing efforts a success. Through either our messaging applications or marketing services, Blast Companies can identify, create and execute solid strategies which solve your business issues.

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