Ever wish you could integrate our messaging solutions into one interactive platform? Having a hard time getting novice users of text messaging to interact with your promotion? Blast Companies can help! With our integrated solutions services, clients merge different messaging technologies together to create dynamic applications. The opportunities are endless!

Integrated Solutions in Action

Mobile Engagement
Ever wonder how to increase participation in your mobile marketing program outside of the typical demographics? Blast Companies mobile engagement application is the answer! By having mobile users dial an 800 number (inbound IVR) they can touchtone or voice activate requests for additional brand information to be instantly pushed to their mobile phone. Mobile engagement permits brands to easily extend outside the typical demographics and allow everyone to receive mobile information and entertainment.
Communicate Critical Purchase Information
Wish you could reduce the burden on your call center for routine information? Blast Companies can help! By merging different solutions together we can have a quick and dramatic increase on productivity and profitability!
Event Registration
Want to speed up your event registration process? Blast Companies integrated solutions can help! We can automate processes like taking a credit card for payment and reminding attendees of events with voice broadcasting, e-mail and text messaging based on their preferences.
Integration with CRM and Analytics Tools
Wish your CRM system could trigger an automatic message to clients? Blast Companies can help! We have the ability to integrate with your CRM system to increase responses and automate processes, saving you time and money.

This is only a brief outline of what we can do for you! Please contact us to learn more about how our integrated solutions can assist your business solve your issues!

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