Have you ever wished you could dynamically generate and launch targeted e-mail marketing campaigns right from your desktop? Would it be helpful to know how many consumers were receiving, opening and responding to your e-mail marketing efforts? Blast companies has a solution that costs less than a penny per email.

Highlights of our Email Marketing Solution

Create Powerful HTML E-mails
Our step-by-step wizards and pre-built email templates make it easy for you to create and send professional e-mail marketing campaigns. With our solution there is no technical or design expertise required to change images, add personalization, build dynamic content, create links or format look and feel.

Build Your Email List
Your customer list is one of your most important business assets. Through our e-mail marketing software, Blast Companies can help to grow it and keep it current. Use our dynamic wizards to easily import your customer lists and begin to learn more about your existing customers and tailor e-mail marketing communications toward those preferences. (This really helps you acquire new ones as well!)

Deliver Your Emails
We handle all the details! Our e-mail marketing software will format your emails and track their delivery to ensure clients are receiving the highest email deliverability ratio for your campaigns.

Manage Your Subscribers
With our unlimited list categories, real-time bounce management and our easy unsubscribe feature, we make it easy for you to manage email lists of all sizes.

Monitor Results
With our sophisticated technology, clients can view who opened your email, clicked on established links and purchased products. Based on these standard reports, clients can then learn how effective their email marketing campaigns are and use that information to improve future results.

Data Integration
With our robust e-mail marketing solution, clients can easily integrate our solution through HTTP Posting or an API into your existing databases and CRM systems.

Our web based e-mail marketing services help organizations of any size create, send and monitor e-mail campaigns to targeted customer segments. Our robust email marketing application is the customer retention and brand loyalty mechanism providing an incredible return on investment for our clients.

Blast Companies’ user-friendly, web-based interface and wizards allow your organization to send e-mails, quickly and cost-effectively. After you launch your email campaign, you can track the effectiveness, by viewing real time reports on who opened the email, how many click-throughs the campaign produced and who clicked on the links. One particularly helpful tracking device for clients is to provide a promotional code, such as an online coupon, so that responses can be tied directly to your email marketing campaign, through your unique promotional code.

Let Blast Companies e-mail marketing software work for you so you can focus on growing your business! If you are you looking for a messaging provider who has the technology and marketing expertise to propel your sales and marketing efforts, then please contact us for a free demonstration and help solve your e-mail marketing needs.

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