Blast Companies messaging solutions and marketing platforms enable enterprises a means to create and send personalized voice broadcast, e-mail, IVR or SMS Text messages, simultaneously, to hundreds or even thousands of recipients. Blast Companies broadcast messaging solutions can be used across a variety of applications so the opportunites are endless!

Just a few enterprise applications for consideration:

Collection Options
Are you looking for a more effective way to communicate with clients regarding late payments? Blast Companies voice broadcasting services provides you with a state of the art solution created to get in touch with delinquent payments and provide credit card collections. Want a more personalized voice broadcast, which includes account name and number? No problem! Our outbound IVR is a 100% completely customizable solution, which can meet your requirements.

Product Recalls
Do you have a plan of action for the recall of any of your products? Most companies do not even think about a plan until they are scrambling and it’s too late. Let our voice broadcasting, email marketing and SMS text messaging applications help reach your consumers fast and have peace of mind. Don’t have a web-based system to allow consumers to sign-up for product recalls? Our broadcast marketing applications can assist you, so you can rest assured your company has given consumers the best attention necessary.

Scheduled Appointment Reminders
Most enterprises today are contacting customers the old fashioned way for their scheduled appointments. Our voice broadcasting application lets you contact customers faster, with appointment reminders, and track changes in your schedule. Since mailed reminders can be overlooked, due to mailbox clutter, clients are more receptive to your voice broadcast call and the ability to press a button to change the appointment, if needed.

Service Agreement Renewals
Having trouble keeping up with your service agreement renewals? With Blast Companies voice broadcasting, email marketing and SMS text messaging applications you can reach out to your clients more quickly, and efficiently,  to renew their products and service contracts. With a touch of a phone digit or click of a mouse, we can help!

Saleforce/Workforce Communications
Wish you had a better way to communicate with your salesforce, dealers or value added resellers? Blast Companies provides enterprises with broadcast marketing applications allowing the flexibility to discuss new products, contests, and other incentives. Reach out to your most valuable asset, your employees and/or partners, providing them with timely information and notifications.

This is only a small fraction of how to utilize our solutions within your company. Please contact us so together we can identify enterprise messaging solutions which bring value to your clients.

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