Entertainment companies of all sizes rely on Blast Companies to provide our messaging solutions to assist in the promotion of upcoming movie releases, DVDs, video games, and TV shows. Our personalized messaging system allows you to and send personalized voice broadcast, e-mail, IVR or SMS Text messages and simultaneously send it to hundreds or thousands of recipients fast. Blast Companies solutions can be used across a variety of applications such as conducting automated polling, notifying changes on a movie set and much more. The opportunities are endless!

Entertainment Marketing Applications

Want a better way to communicate with your high rollers? Blast Companies Messaging solution provides Casinos a means to directly stay in contact with new and current VIPs to inform them about upcoming shows, special offers and hotel promotions. Our easy to use interfaces means quick contact if your attendance numbers are not in line with expectations which can directly influence your bottom-line.

Ticket Sales
Are you looking for a more effective way to sell tickets to your big event? By utilizing our solutions you can reach out to fans who want to know more. We can track their responses and build a loyal database of fans who want to be notified when your entertainment group is thinking about performing in their hometown.

Celebrity IVR and Broadcast Messages
Wouldn’t it be great to have your entertainment professional record a personalized message promoting the upcoming release of a movie or event? Our innovative technology provides your users an experience they will never forget by hearing directly from their favorite celebrity. Very effective for charity events!!

Voting or Polling
Want to understand your television audience better? By utilizing our technology, television companies are able to create customizable solutions which poll viewers and provide insight.

Licensed Characters
Have your licensed character reach out to users who buy their products. Our solutions are a perfect match to gain exposure in the marketplace and build incredible brand awareness.

Everyday contests are being created in the entertainment industry. Blast Companies solutions and ask user to answer some additional questions to qualify for the prize. It really creates a win-win situation since our clients and end users are both very happy with the results.

This is only a small fraction of the applications Blast Companies can provide your entertainment company. Please contact us so together we can identify entertainment solutions which bring value to your clients.

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