Ever wish you could use GPS technology to locate your loyal customers and provide them with location-based incentives? Would it help your business to be able to Provide opt-in alerts based on the location of the phone? With the advent of GPS chips coming soon to most mobile handsets, Blast Companies is ready to assist your brand with GPS broadcast marketing and messaging.

Blast Companies’ GPS messaging application enables our clients to send specialized messages to mobile users based on their location and proximity to client establishments. Through GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology, when consumers enter a defined area (Geofence) they receive location-based marketing messages on their mobile phone. The application provides the ability to create just-in-time marketing messages based on mobile users preferences and current promotions.

How is Blast Companies GPS messaging used?

  • Movie alerts at nearby theaters
  • Location-based mobile alerts
  • Mobile maintenance work orders and job status
  • Destination wait status (restaurants, theme parks)
  • Location-based audible turn-by-turn directions to desired destination
  • Weather and Disaster Location based alerts
  • Location-based, time specific coupons (only good for the next 15 minutes – On demand couponing!)
  • Integrate with current operational and CRM systems

Don’t make your customers and prospects work to find your locations and current incentives. Give them the ease of using GPS technology to drive traffic, and redeem on-demand coupons, based on your inventories and sales volumes. Your customers will be pleased and so will you.

If you would like to learn more how GPS messaging can create dramatic opportunities within your business, then please contact us so we can gather additional insight and help solve your complex marketing needs.

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