As the dynamics of the healthcare industry continue to evolve, you need a partner providing technology to manage it. Blast Companies enables healthcare companies, employers and insurance companies by automating and expediting HIPPA compliant contact with their customer base. Through our solutions, manufacturers, health organizations and pharmacy benefit managers create and send personalized voice broadcast, e-mail, IVR or SMS Text messages simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of recipients fast. Our solutions can be used as stand alone campaigns or in conjunction with live agents. The opportunities are endless!

Healthcare Messaging Applications

Drug Recall
Do you have a plan of action for the recall of any of your prescription or over the counter medications? Most pharmaceutical companies do not even think about a plan until they are scrambling and it is too late. Let the technology of Blast Companies help you find peace of mind. Our electronic and voice products can assist by tracking who received your message so you can rest assured that your company has given consumers the best attention necessary.

Open Enrollment
Having trouble getting your open enrollment packages completed and back on-time? Our personalized message system assists Human Resource Departments of Fortune 500 Employers, Health Care Organizations and Insurance Companies to create follow-up calls at home to ensure they have received your enrollment package, understand the due date and can directly connect back to your call center for additional help.

Scheduled Appointment Reminders
Most healthcare providers today are contacting customers the old fashioned way for their scheduled medical appointments. Our automated system let you contact customers faster and track changes in your schedule. Since mailed reminders can be overlooked due to mailbox clutter, clients are more respective to your call and the ability to change the appointment if needed. This keeps the provider and the clients happy.

Having trouble with your Primary Source Verifications on your providers? Our outbound and inbound IVR solutions can help! Blast Companies can dramatically help your credentialing department to improve your efficiency, reduce time for providers and decrease expenses. Our proprietary algorithm allows you to input the variables needed to keep your provider relations team busy by verifying information needed to maintain your records in a timely fashion.

Introduction of Generic Products
Wouldn’t it be nice to inform consumers about the possibility of utilizing a generic product instead of a name brand? Pharmacy Benefit Managers could use Blast Companies to send a recorded phone message to alert customers that a new generic drug has been introduced. This provides a win-win situation since it can reduce costs for both the health plans and consumers. The message can offer information and allow the consumer to either connect back to the call center to request additional information, transfer directly to a live agent or leave a message for follow-up.

Collection Options
Are you looking for a more effective way to communicate with members regarding late payments? Blast Companies provides you with a state of the art solution that can dynamically be created to get in touch with delinquent payments and provide credit card collections.

Refill Reminder Service
Interested in providing a refill prescription reminder service? Our automated system allows pharmacies the ability to remind their customers about refilling their most important prescriptions which in turn helps insure that your customers are being provided the highest level of care.

This is only a small fraction of the applications that Blast Companies can provide your healthcare company. Please contact us so together we can identify healthcare applications which bring value to your clients.

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