Ever wish you could create a standardized outbound message, that was personalized to each caller? Has your team discussed automating processes and reducing costs? Our outbound IVR (Integrated Voice Response) solution allows companies to create sophisticated and personalized messages, which interact with callers. By automating processes, clients have seen a dramatic increase in productivity and profitability.

Blast Companies Outbound IVR Process

Blast Companies and clients collaborate to identify automation opportunities. (examples – automated renewals/past due reminders)

Create a Template
Based on a clients database information, Blast Companies creates a standard template which allows maximum personalization and automation to occur. (We create a very complex mail merge)

Send Information
Client sends a daily feed of phone numbers and personalization fields to Blast Companies for outbound IVR calling

Merge Fields
Blast Companies automatically merges these fields seamlessly together with the standardized template to create a personalized outbound IVR campaign.

Launch Campaign
Blast Companies automatically launches personalized outbound IVR

Results Posted
Results are posted on Blast Companies web interface for client’s review.

Please contact us to discuss how a personalized outbound IVR can help automate your business and provide a significant return on investment.

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