Wonder what it would be like to have one messaging application which could combine games, promotions, and videos on one platform? Ever wish you could have an application which would be able to be provide social networking capabilities to interact with both on-line and on-premise branding opportunities? Blast Companies Social Messaging application can help!

Blast Companies Social Messaging is a comprehensive, web-based, interactive messaging application, which brings proprietary technologies and strategies to enable our clients to deliver real time interactivity to any on-premise event. This powerful tool integrates the power of the internet, and mobiles phones, to harness new and exciting marketing opportunities for our clients. Mobile consumers finally truly have opt-in marketing, since they now have the chance to interact with your brand.

How is Blast Companies Social Messaging used?

  • Mobile Enabled Games – Interactive games, traditional brand and special promotional rollouts
  • Social Networking – Allow others to be alerted when you interact with system
  • Post Promotional – Provide codes for online coupon redemption to continue brand interaction
  • Bar vs Bar competitions
  • Dynamic Promotions – dynamically change the promotion based on consumer reaction and feedback

Brand based Advertising

  • Pictures – Ability to take pictures on the spot and upload to promotion and web post viewing
  • Unique programming – Sports, News, Music, Fashion, Industry Related
  • Social Responsibility – Designated Driver programs – Amber Alerts

Blast Companies not only handles the strategy, but all the on-site execution, maintenance, technology integration with interactive partners and all related logistics to make this application a success. Please contact us so we provide you with a customized demonstration and better understand your how Blast Companies Social Messaging™ application can make impact on your next broadcast marketing promotion.

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