Dial an 800 number and record a personalized message, upload a list of phone numbers and send out thousands of calls in matter of minutes. It’s just that simple to speak to your audience with Blast Companies voice broadcasting software!

It has never been easier to boost response rates to a direct mailing, send customer reminders, or invite people to upcoming events. And that’s just for starters how Blast Companies voice broadcasting service can build your customer base, increase sales and improve your bottom line.

Features of Voice Broadcasting

  • One-touch subscription renewals
  • Payment reminders
  • Disaster notifications and recovery
  • Announce new offers and sales promotions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Fraud alerts

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

No Hardware or software to buy
Everything is done through our website! All you need is internet access and a phone and you are ready to launch your personalized broadcast.Real Time Results
You can view real-time results while an audio broadcast is running, including calls delivered and call recipient key press results.

Online Setup and Launch
Schedule your broadcast messages online through our easy-to-use web interface and voice broadcast software. You can start audio broadcasts right away or schedule them for a later launch time. Plus, our voice broadcasting software can be set to your time zone – or any other time zone – to ensure your calls are going at the time you choose.

Easy Recording Options
With Blast Companies voice broadcast software you can record your message easily through our dial-in message center. You can also upload sound files recorded via computer or in a professional setting to our message center.

Caller ID
You choose the phone number that will show up on your call recipient’s caller ID.

Connect to a call center
Give your call recipients the option to press 1 to speak to a live operator and have your calls directed to a call center at the phone number of your choice. Boost your sales efforts!

Automatic Redial
Blast Companies voice broadcasting software will automatically redial numbers that were not answered, not once but twice to ensure your voicemail broadcast is received.

Message Repeat
Want to make sure your audience gets your personalized message? With message repeat, call recipients can press 1 to hear the message again.

Advanced Functionality
Having issues sending an audio broadcast to cell phones? Need your voice broadcast to dial extensions? No problem! Our voice broadcast software has advanced functionality which can do both!

In addition to these features, you will receive the support of a dedicated Blast Companies representative, who will assist you with your voice marketing efforts. We’ll help identify where voice broadcasting services would best serve your organization and how to communicate with your audience on an ongoing basis.

All voice broadcasting services are not the same. Blast Companies provides the latest technology, but also the voice marketing expertise to propel your sales efforts beyond your expectations. Contact us so we can identify a voice broadcasting opportunity for your organization, that can increase your brand awareness, and become a valuable resource for your marketing team.

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