A warranty is a promise the material and workmanship of a product are without defect for a defined period of time. Blast Companies technology assists warranty companies and manufactures by providing a means to create and send personalized voice broadcast, e-mail, IVR or SMS Text messages simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of recipients fast. Blast Companies automated system can be used across a wide variety of applications in the home, auto and consumer products warranty area. The opportunities are endless!

Warranty Messaging Applications

Extended Auto Warranty Sales
Use Blast Companies to send a recorded phone message to customers whose warranty is about to expire. The message can be sent as a standalone campaign or as an overlay to a direct mail effort. Consumers receive so much junk mail that it is difficult for warranty offers to cut through the clutter. A timely phone-delivered message will gain customer’s attention to looming warranty expiration. The message can offer information on extended warranty options and all the customer to request additional information and/or transfer to a live agent for further help.

Product Recall
Do you have a plan of action for the recall of any of your products? Most companies do not even think about a plan until they are scrambling and it is too late. Let the technology of Blast Companies help you find peace of mind. Our electronic and voice products can assist by tracking who received your message so you can rest assured that your company has given consumers the best attention necessary.

Home Warranty Sales
Do potential home buyers understand the importance of owning a home warranty? A customized IVR for consumers and real estate agents to increase the sales of your product. The message can offer different options based on the information you are trying to gather and have listeners transfer to a live agent for further assistance.

Appliance Warranty Sales
Has the refrigerator or major appliance warranty about to expire? By utilizing Blast Companies electronic and voice system, appliance manufactures can offer extended warranties and provide a new revenue stream with live callers ready to purchase your warranty.

Electronic Warranty Sales
Did a consumer walk out your store and not purchase a warranty on an electronic item. Utilize Blast Companies technology to send a pre-recorded message out to thank them for the purchase and offer an extended warranty as a courtesy. Dramatic results will happen to your bottom-line.

This is only a small fraction of the applications Blast Companies can provide your warranty company. Please contact us so together we can identify warranty solutions which bring value to your clients.

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